Corporate Trust Service

Independent Escrow Agent Services

      As an independent trust company, we are also authorized to act as escrow agent ensuring that terms are complied with by all contracting parties.

      B.I.C Trust as escrow agent will ensure that funds or assets held under escrow are correctly received and disbursed, with the timing of such disbursement being dependent on the performance by the parties on the contractual provisions that have been agreed upon.

Custodial Services

     B.I.C Trust can hold freehold properties in Cambodia on behalf of the foreign entity even if the company is registered outside of Cambodia. Besides playing the role of asset safekeeping, B.I.C Trust can also if required administer the management, rental collection and sale of the property asset.

Trustee for Pension Funds

      We can assist in the setup of a suitable structure for the benefit of present and future employees of an organization or their dependents. B.I.C Trust can draw up a Trust Deed with the relevant rules for the participation, entitlement, management, investment and distribution of the funds constituting the fund.